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Montana Dinosaur Company is your one stop source for a variety of unique prehistoric gifts.  Our products will sell for you! 

MDC-001   Large Dinosaur Kit

Our business strategy is to provide quality, wholesale, and  inexpensive fossils to store owners.  

Our Dinosaur Kits come in a large, clear and attractive cube!  They are very hot sellers for our gift store owners.

Wholesale Fossils for the Gift Industry
Montana  Dinosaur  Company
Hello, I am Mark Eatman, the owner of Montana Dinosaur Company.  I am based in the Belgrade/Bozeman area of Montana.  I have been collecting fossils for 20 years.  I like collecting almost all fossils , but I especially like to look for dinosaurs.  Most of the time when you are out prospecting for dinosaur fossils,  you will find fragmented bones in many  pieces.  This is due to erosion.  I have decided to collect these bone fragments and turn them into my beautiful Dinosaur Kit's.     I have found a very attractive specimen display cube that is the best I have ever seen.   I think you will like them as much as I do!  In addition to selling the Dinosaur Kits in the cube, I am offering many other prehistoric products that are proven sellers as well. All fossils are legally collected on private land, with land owners permission.  Happy Shopping!  .....   Mark Eatman
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